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About Us

Portnalls is a large team with over 80 years combined experience in the Cleaning, Maintenance and Security sectors covering all our services.

it’s about how we came to be…

John Bird founded the Portnalls Brand in 2008 and soon followed the launch of Portnalls Security Limited. This Company was introduced to manage the manned guarding & welfare cleaning projects in the construction and retail industries. With two major clients the business grew rapidly and provided very reliable services to the individual clients which delivered impressive turnover and profit margins. The rapid growth of this business was a challenge and demanded significant investment. This business returned a turnover, from start-up, within two years of almost one million pounds. This was a testament to the relationships with the clients and the management of the business.
Unfortunately, a major client became a statistic of the financial recession at that time and the business also became a statistic of the recession at that time. However, whilst the personal & financial liability was borne by the company and John, all employees and suppliers were paid and many are still involved with the Portnalls Brand.
Since 2011 Portnalls has seen continue growth into other areas, industries and Countries including: Integrated Electronic Security Systems (CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Access Control and EAS).
The expansion of the Portnalls Brand has also been seen in the Cleaning and Management (FM) sectors. This has enabled Portnalls to work with prestigious clients from Harley Street Dental Surgeries to national property Management Companies.

it’s about John’s passion…

“It has been a demanding and rewarding challenge to see the Portnalls Brand develop from humble beginnings to a robust and reliable collection of companies that I am very proud of. I am equally humbled by the loyalty of our clients and employees of Portnalls in the UK and USA. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has contributed to this journey both as clients, employees and suppliers. I hope this continues so that Portnalls can offer a secure workplace for its employees and a reliable supplier to its clients for a long time to come.”

it’s about cornerstones…

After leaving school with no academic qualifications John enrolled himself as an Apprentice Electrician, with a small electrical contractor, when the Apprenticeships at the time demanded a five year commitment. He worked on one of the first buildings to be constructed at London Docklands, Canary Wharf in 1985. He qualified as an Electrician and Electrical & Electronics Engineer.
There has been a strong history within his family of hard-working individuals developing business ideas and offering solutions to a market demand. A Great Uncle, Lester was the first to introduce the London Black Cab to the streets of London in the 1800’s. Owning the first motorised Black Cab, after previously owning horse drawn Hackney Carriages, was a leap towards the future and history was made that is now recognised around the world as an iconic London feature. His Grand Father, Frederick Francis was an architect of the Dockers Union for workers in the London Docks in the early 1900’s and later the Mayor of Southwark. His Mother, Sylvia Bird has been a significant personality within the Floristry industry since the 1960’s, where she has seen involvement as a shop owner, lecturer and teacher to the current “celebrity florists”, a member of the Board of Interflora, President of the Society of Floristry, President of the American Institute of Floral Designers as well as being the official escort for The Queen at The Chelsea Flower Show in 2011, the designer of the Interflora wreath at Princess Diana’s funeral and being a member of the floral design team for three American Presidential Inaugurations.
As a young entrepreneur John was a key figure in the development of Plastic Welding and recycling of automotive car bumpers and the repair of curtain-sided HGV’s. He has also seen significant involvement in the development of the dent and smart repair industry for the automotive industry and taking early involvement in the car park based car valeting and cleaning sector. All of these successful and rewarding business involvements have been with the leading companies in these industries and they continue to lead the various industry sectors.